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Implementation � how your IT system is transformed from as-is to its new, improved state � is the single most important factor in how successful or otherwise IT projects are perceived by organisations.  Iconic work diligently with clients to produce detailed plans, and to communicate with and involve staff. We work around your planned commitments and work with you to circumvent unplanned business issues that sometimes arise.

It is vitally important that the implementation of a new or changed IT system doesn�t  overburden operational or technical staff. We plan changes so that work can be deferred or  backed-out if  it required, reducing the stress on your people. Where we can, we always use soft cut-over techniques and comprehensive real-world testing to ensure that you are completely comfortable with major changes before they go-live.

We are adept at training your operational and technical staff so that they can operate and maintain systems appropriately, leaving you in control of your own destiny, not bound to rely on us.

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